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The most loved and appreciated Aviation Training Course Institute In Kolkata established on 10th of November, 2017 offers top notch aviation courses and hospitality training. Our ideal aviation course is for those who aspire to move to high managerial roles. With comprehensive syllabus and expert faculty we guide you with all aspects and cover every topic of the aviation industry. Research has claim that aviation is one of the giant industry and has a stable growth from 2010. Speed Jet Aviation is also known as a one of the best Airline Pilot Training Institute. Our airline pilot training provides DGCA ground training which is then followed by type rating course. Unlike other aviation institutes, we maintain around 200 enrollments. Get your aviation knowledge upgraded with our course and explore air navigation, aviation meteorology and air regulation.

The leading Cabin Crew Course Training Institute In Kolkata centre have already been transforming the dreams of 250+ students with Air hostess training, Cabin crew training and pilot training, Speed Jet Aviation Training Institute in Kolkata also provides other courses. Hotel Management Training Center in Kolkata is one of them. We at Speed Jet aviation, the top Air Hostess Training Institute In Kolkata train the students so that they can accept the challenges in the hotel industry, whether in terms of serving or any kind of event. Hospitality industry is one the fastest growing industry. Hotel management course offer job opportunities like hotel manager to head off any department. In Indore, Speed Jet Aviation is also known for its personality development course. This program encompasses crucial points of boosting ones confidence, acing the art of creating first powerful impression, body language and more. At Speed Jet Aviation, our aim is to raise our student’s life, career, potential earning, and success level.
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