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Commercial Pilot License Training

Airline Commercial Pilot Training

Our Commercial Pilot License Training Program transforms a zero-hour aspiring pilot to an Airline First Officer in less than 18 Months’ time. The total duration of our Commercial Pilot Training course is 12-15 Months which includes approx. 8 months of FAA CPL training in USA followed by 3 Months of DGCA Ground Training in India to convert the FAA CPL to a DGCA CPL, followed by 42 days in Bahrain to complete the A320 Type Rating. Please note that the Indian Theoretical Classes of our Commercial Pilot Course in Mumbai & other centers will happen once the student is back from the USA.

Total Flight Training – 252 hours

FAA Private Pilot-Single Engine

commercial pilot training – speed jet aviation

  • 47.00 Hours | Piper PA28 Single Engine Aircraft
  • 30.00 Hours | Dual Flight Instruction
  • 45.00 Hours | Theoretical Instruction
  • 116.00 Hours | Airline Crew Flying – Single Engine

FAA Instru – Single Engine

  • 30.00 Hours | AATD Simulator
  • 17.00 Hours | Single Engine C172 G1000 Aircraft
  • 45.00 Hours | Dual Flight Instruction
  • 30.00 Hours | Theoretical Instruction

Commercial Multi Engine Pilot

  • 20.00 Hours | AATD Simulator
  • 22.00 Hours | Multi Engine Aircraft
  • 20.00 Hours | Dual Flight Instruction
  • 15.00 Hours | Theoretical Instruction

Why choose this commercial pilot license training?

commercial pilot training in mumbai

  1. FAA, EASA, DGCA approved courses & FAA certified flight instructors
  2. First class safety record
  3. Experienced airline instructors for A320 Type Rating
  4. 2 A320 FFS, 1 A330 FFS, 1 A330/340 FFS and an Embraer E170/190 FFS
  5. Sunny year round with warm temperature
  6. No landing fees for cost-effective flight training
  7. High resource availability = Low time to complete courses
Commercial Pilot Training in India


  • LOCATION in USA – With more than 300 great flying days each year, Florida boasts some of the best flying weather in the world. This alone aids our Pilot Training programs to get completed in a short time period. As for recreation, when you wish to unwind, there can be no better place in the USA to enjoy yourself than Florida!
  • SCHOOL SIZE in USA– Many big competitors have student enrollments exceeding 450 students, and you’re just treated like a number. Our partner flying school maintains a student enrollment around 200 students, divided among our two training bases in Florida. The commercial Pilot Training in Mumbai & other centers have STATE-OF-THE ART facilities and operate a well maintained fleet of more than 50 Training Aircrafts.
  1. Air Navigation
  2. Aviation Meteorology
  3. Air Regulation
  1. Ground training of 141 hours including classroom, Computer Based Training (CBT) and A320 APT/MFTD
  2. 66 hours on Airbus 320 Level D Simulator. GAA will provide 2 sessions (8 hours) of Full Flight simulator free of charge to correct the deficiencies of the trainee if required.
  1. Student (HSC Pass with Mathematics & Physics)
  2. FAA CPL with IR (Instrument Rating) in USA
  3. Conversion of FAA CPL to DGCA CPL (Ground Training in India)
  4. A320 Type Rating in Bahrain
  5. Ready to fly First Officer.

An easy installment scheme is introduced to avoid any financial burden to students. The payment can be made in 4 installments as shown below:

  1. US$ 24,000/- upon successful enrollment
  2. US$ 25,000/- 30 days after Joining
  3. US$ 8,000/- 90 days after Joining
  4. US$ 8,000/- 90 days after Joining


  1. Be at least 18 years of age
  2. HSC or equivalent passed with Physics & Mathematics recognised by any University or Board
  3. Possess a valid FAA Class 1 Student Pilot Medical Certificate
  4. Possess a valid DGCA Class 2 Medical Certificate
  1. January 11th and 25th
  2. February 8th and 22nd
  3. March 7th and 21st
  4. April 4th and 18th
  5. May 9th and 23rd
  6. June 6th and 20th
  7. July 11th and 25th
  8. August 8th and 22th
  9. September 12th and 26th
  10. October 10th and 24th
  11. November 7th
  12. December 5th

We’ve made it so simple for you to get started. All we require are the following items to be submitted to our admissions office.

  1. Completed and signed student application
  2. Course deposit
  3. Financial evidence showing funds available to cover the tuition costs
  4. Clear colour, scanned copy of your passport

What is included in the Pilot training program?

  1. Six months shared room accommodations
  2. I-20 Application fee
  3. Fuel surcharges
  4. Study Materials for Private, Instrument and Commercial
  1. Entry visas
  2. Ground transportation during the course of the training including airport transfers
  3. 4-star hotel accommodation for 42 nights
  4. One return economy-class from DEL/BOM – BAH-DEL/BOM or any other Gulf Air-operated routes in India
Schedule for Commercial Pilot Trainning in USA Guidance Seminar.

Mumbai – 12-04-2019

Pune     –  09-04-2019

Mumbai – 23-04-2019

Mumbai – 30-04-2019

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