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Speedjet Aviation

My flight instructor is a fantastic teacher and helped me pass my tests in the first attempt with ease. He pushed me hard and helped me succeed and I’m very grateful. Thanks Speedjet. – Faiz Januja

Speedjet Aviation

My time at Speedjet was one of the finest learning experiences I’ve had. The course was extensive and challenging. I benefitted from the training by way of learning etiquette, to take big responsibilities, safety of passengers etc. The faculty motivated us and helped us a lot both personally and professionally. -Karan

Speedjet Aviation

The instruction I’ve received from my trainers has been wonderful. No complaints. Our lessons whether in the air or on the ground were always thorough and informative. I have enjoyed my training immensely due to my trainers’ extensive knowledge and teaching techniques. They are very easy to get along with and are always ready to get down to business when it comes to flying. They have done their best to make me a competent pilot. I would not hesitate to recommend Speedjet to other aspirants  -Shami

Speedjet Aviation

Speedjet is the best air hostess institute which made my dream of working in an airline industry come true. I trained under various experts in Speedjet and gained proper and extensive knowledge of customer service, related issues and how to tackle them. My professors were always encouraging and motivating us to aspire and achieve more in life. This motivation is something I’ll treasure for life. Thank you Speed Jet. –Akansha

Speedjet Aviation

The best air hostess training institute without a doubt is Speed Jet .Professional training by experts coupled with latest technology best describes an experience at this institute. We learnt lots of essential skills and the faculty has been the best ever I could get for cabin crew training. Their guidance has been of immense help. –Kiran

Speedjet Aviation

I had not imagined the way my life would completely turn around for the better after joining Speed Jet. The skills and knowledge that I have gained has helped me immensely in my job. I have been praised for my work and all credit goes to Speed Jet’s commercial pilot training for instilling in me those skills and aptitude required for my work. -Vivek Gupta

Speedjet Aviation

Training instruction was presented in a structured easy-to-follow manner. This made linking of subject matter very simple. Our flight instructor was patient and flexible with his training methods. The lessons here are thorough and detailed. Speedjet is the best air hostess training institute!–Amrita

Speedjet Aviation

My introduction to the aviation world and airline industry couldn’t have gotten better than this. Speedjet taught me how to be a team player and has equipped me with special skills with respect to safety and comfort of passengers. We have been trained by experts in various aspects from grooming to customer service to gaining in-depth knowledge of in flight procedures and disaster management etc. -Pawan


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