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Commercial Pilot License Training

With airlines gearing up for further expansion, commercial pilots’ future looks promising in India and globally. Pilots enjoy one of the most adventurous and exciting jobs in the world which also carries with it numerous privileges, enormous response ties, and a Scope for growth. As per various reports, more than 16,600 new positions of qualified pilots are expected to be filled in the coming year.

At Speedjet Aviation, industry professionals provide practical and advanced learning approaches Using computer-based tools, flight training devices & Level D full-flight simulators. The total course duration is 12-15 months, including 8 months of FAA CPL training in the USA, 3 months of DGCA Ground Training in India, and 42 days in Bahrain to complete the A320 Type Rating. We welcome all pilot aspirants to take the first step towards becoming a professional commercial airline pilot through our internationally certified pilot course at Speedjet Aviation.


Capt. Manish Wadhwa (Spicejet)

”Thanks to Speedjet Aviation I have been able to live my dream of flying an aircraft. My flight instructors have been a constant source of support and expert guidance.”

Capt. Faiz Januja (Jet Airways)

“Great learning experience at Speedjet Aviation. Professional pilots and top-of-the-line infrastructure equipment have given me a great start to my career.”-

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