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A good Pilot needs thorough understanding of Aviation ground subjects. This is required not only for passing exams, but is also necessary for the safe conduct of flights. We conduct regular performance Evaluation , so that we can work on students weak areas and convert that into strength. We give importance to understanding the subject rather than just the Question Bank.

Air Navigation

Air navigation is one of the most significant subject for pilots with the general ideas of which include Directions, Great Circles, Rhumb Lines, Magnetism, Convergency & Departure Charts, PSR PET, Solar System & Time and lots more


Aviation Meteorology focuses primarily on principles, aiming to provide an understanding of the atmosphere constituents of the weather and how they affect the flight, with an emphasis on variables affecting the performance of the aircraft.  Met includes Atmosphere, Atmospheric heating, Atmospheric pressure Clouds, Stability and Instability Optical Phenomena, Precipitation. Thunder- storms etc.

Air Regulation

Air regulations is a study of a wide range of Indian and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) laws and regulations. International organization & Conventions, ICAO ANNEXURES & ICAO DOCS , Nationality; Registration Marks, Rules of Air etc. 

Human Factor

Hypoxia, Hyperventilation, Spatial Disorientation, Motion Sickness, CO Poisoning, Somotographic Illusion, Elevator Illusion, Optical Illusions, Visual Illusions, Various Runway Illusions, Middle Ear & Sinus Problems, Stress, Fatigue, Dehydration, Sleep, Drugs and Alcohol.

Technical General

One of the most important and interesting subject related to pilot training. It includes Overview and definitions, Basic Atmosphere theory, Subsonic Airflow, Lift, Drag, Stalling, High lift Devices, Airframe contamination, Stability and Control, Controls, Flight mechanics, High speed light, Limitations, Wind shear, Propellers, Generators and Alternators etc

Technical Specific

The exam is specifically of the particular aircraft on which student is getting trained in their respective flying school, such as Cessna 172, Cessna 152, DA-40, Etc. The exam syllabus is primarily focused on the systems and type of engine installed in the aircraft used for training.



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